“It’s not about finding the right person, It’s about being the right person. This does not only¬† apply to relationships where you’d expect this statement to be used about 90% of the times its mentioned, but also in all aspects of our lives.

Being the right person means that you are working on yourself so that when your big break comes, you’re ready. So that when you’re in an elevator pitch situation, you know what to say without bouts of anxiety proceeded with never ending thoughts on 100 better things you should have said.

Illuminate from Within to me means you (I) do not need access to a silver plater somewhere to facilitate my personal growth and make me useful to society. It means that I can channel from within me the resources I need to make myself a better person without external intervention of some sort of Power hand.

I believe we all have what it takes to live the kind of lives we want. When we stop wasting time on jealousy and wishing we could be like so and so, or thinking how if only I had this then I’d be that.

With this blog, I want to inspire you, using analogies, real stories, practical methods of how you can be a better you. When we all become better versions of ourselves, we become society’s invisible hand as it gets better when we all Illuminate from Within.

Get Inspired. Feel Inspired. Inspire someone else.