Currently, planet earth has an approximate population of 6 billion human beings. God created each one of us differently. We have black, brown, hazel, chocolate, white, orange, yellow coloured people. I’m not separating on the basis of colour, but Im trying to show just how different we are, with a basic clear example.

diversity.jpgInside each one of us, we have different outlooks towards life, different tastes of foods and drinks, different hobbies, different principles, I mean, the list is endless, but the point is, we are so different. This is why we have menus at restaurants, for you to choose what you want, many music genres because we have different tastes, I could go on and on but you do get my point, right? I mean, even identical twins and triplets are so different- character wise, identity, even one could have a slightly different complexion than the…

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